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Title: Valor high scores
Post by: Scribe on December 20, 2014, 11:21:19 AM MT
Hello fellow players,

I just finished a disputed 8 players FFA (#83515), and broke my personal valor record: 56!
I feel pretty smug about it (doesn't take much apparently...), but thought it would be interesting to see what others have achieved.

Dig out these long battles, you mages, during which tenacity, skill and courage (we will not mention sheer luck here, although sometimes...) earned you the recognition of the brave: Legendary Valor!

Our in plain langage: please share you top games for the enjoyment of the community!


Title: Re: Valor high scores
Post by: Cragralanche on January 30, 2015, 09:16:05 AM MT
My top record it happened years ago mind you so my memory isn't the best on it was 76 I believe I was playing an 8 player circle match with an army of computers I had a sorc with a blizzard entangle and meteor shower. My guards were warrior and rogue. That's about all I can remember about the game except for the fact that i lost.  :P