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1  Hero Mages Community Boards / Events / Re: GenCon Indy 2009 on: August 19, 2009, 09:33:58 AM MT
Ross your GenCon interview with CheapAssGamer is online at https://caneuman.blip.tv/
2  Hero Mages Community Boards / Bugs & Support / Re: Invisible Wall on: August 19, 2009, 09:24:16 AM MT
I like this bug. Leave it to you to think about teleporting out of this spell Smiley
3  Hero Mages Community Boards / Suggestions & Comments / Re: Re-entering Games on: August 19, 2009, 09:22:04 AM MT
This has definitely been an issue for me. About 5 of my 7 or so losses have been because of network disconnects. I have tried every browser, updated flash, installed the flash debugger, turned off virus checkers, and clear the browser caches all to no avail on my new computer.

So I switched to playing on the old computer. Played a game last night against 3 others and was quickly down to my sorceress. I was able to play a cast spells and run tactic while the other two fought it out. Ended up down to just my sorceress and one other fighter who kept buffing himself up to 20 defense. We played this way for almost a half hour. I finally rolled a 20 which would have taken him down to 1 hit point left. He admitted that I was going to win, which would have been my first, but that he was going to make me work for it.

And boom, disconnect. Talk about frustration.

I would suggest that since the program seems to be able to tell that a disconnect happened, because it usually displays a disconnect dialog, that adding a rejoin game button on the dialog that would immediately take you back to the game that you were in would be the most straightforward option from the user's standpoint and would help to weed out those that might just close their browser or exit the game.

Despite the frustrations about disconnects and being soundly beaten by my sons every time I still love the game.
4  Hero Mages Community Boards / Bugs & Support / Re: Connection Lost Issue on: August 16, 2009, 05:13:58 PM MT
Update. Not Spyware Doctor. Turned if off, same problem. Went to older family computer which also has it and have not had a problem. Guess I will have to play on that.
5  Hero Mages Community Boards / Events / Re: GenCon Indy 2009 on: August 16, 2009, 01:42:58 PM MT
Hey Ross,

How about putting the shirts up for sale in the Market Place?

6  Hero Mages Community Boards / Bugs & Support / Re: Connection Lost Issue on: August 16, 2009, 09:00:53 AM MT
Hey Ross,

Since it seems to take a while for your character to disappear from the game when the connection is lost the most user friendly thing would be to just automatic reconnect or add a Rejoin game button to the connection lost dialog and if the game is still going on just bring you back in, assuming the connection is resumed right away. I don't know how you have this implemented so this would assume you can resink up any game changes that may have happened while packets were missed.

In my case my internet connection is still available because I can log right back on. I am currently assuming it is my Spyware Doctor virus checker that for some reason starts blocking packets. I am going to try later on today totally turning this off to see. Why this would suddenly start blocking packets in the middle of a game I am not sure.

7  Hero Mages Community Boards / Bugs & Support / Re: Connection Lost Issue on: August 15, 2009, 06:26:05 PM MT
Hey Ross, remember me from GenCon. Kept bringing people by that I work with to show the game. My son at home who couldn't make it said "I can't lie I love this game.".

I tried again using IE and disabling my virus checker. Seemed to last longer but I still lost the connection. My kids on their laptops didn't run into this. I will keep trying to diagnose what is causing the connection issue.

Thanks for a fun game.

8  Hero Mages Community Boards / Bugs & Support / Connection Lost Issue on: August 15, 2009, 03:47:00 PM MT
I have tried hosting a private game at home here with myself and my 3 kids all on different computers playing. Each time I get a connection lost error.

Then when I try to log back in and reconnect to the same game I get a "Version Mismatch Your client version (1.1.0) does not match the game host's version (undefined). It doesn't appear that my kids have any problem continuing the game after I am timed out from it.
They are all running Vista as well so I don't think that is the problem.
I am running it on Safari 4.0.2 on MS Vista.

I will try again using IE. It would be nice if as the host or participant in a game that you could log back in and rejoin.
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