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1  Hero Mages Community Boards / Suggestions & Comments / Re: Hero Mages on Android on: June 14, 2013, 11:56:53 PM MT
I enjoyed playing this game and think you have designed a fantastic framework which deserves an epic single player campaign. I understand this must involve a tremendous amount of work for a single developer so I wonder how difficult it would be so design a campaign compiler GUI and let the community help you out?

Basically an extension of the map builder where people can place pre designed enemies at various points on their maps. The story could be linked by user generated text dialogue transitions which the GUI would accommodate. Essentially, the database of characters you've created would be data packets inserted at certain locations, once a location has been cleared some dialogue could carry the story on to the next scene. As  you develope more NPC or monsters they could be made available to the community to add to their campaigns. Perhaps the community could help out with the design of new charterers/monsters?

Campaigns could be peer reviewed to sperate the polished to those which require work. You could even get onto a profit share situation with campaign designers where popular campaigns could sell for $1 etc.

I have no idea how practical/possible this suggestion is, I know nothing about coding, haha. I just enjoyed the game and feel you have built the foundation for limitless campaigns that I would love to play!
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