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1  Hero Mages Community Boards / Bugs & Support / Failed to join a private game locks interface on: July 25, 2009, 01:06:58 PM MT
When trying to join a private game without knowing the password, I got a wrong password message, then a Processing Request window which stayed there without activity afterward.  I needed to refresh the page (thus logging out and back) to be able to access the lobby again.
2  Hero Mages Community Boards / Suggestions & Comments / Re: Dice rolls as text when Show Dices is off on: July 25, 2009, 01:01:54 PM MT
I'd definitely prefer to also see the dice results at the top of the screen when the dice roll animations are disabled.

Having to open and close the log is annoying.

Another option would be to have access to the log as a window fitting with the rest of the display.  This way you could leave it open without affecting gameplay, which isn't possible right now.
3  Hero Mages Community Boards / Feature Requests / Abandonning a game without disconnecting on: July 24, 2009, 05:09:24 PM MT
Since the game keeps track of disconnects, a feature to abandon a game when things are already decided (ex: a warrior against a mage and two guardians) would be a good addition.
4  Hero Mages Community Boards / Feature Requests / Re: Join an existing game as a spectator on: July 24, 2009, 04:28:21 PM MT
I logged in the forums specifically to suggest this feature, so count me in among the supporters of a "Join as a spectator mid-game" feature.

This along with the capacity to see the man chat area while you are setting up a game are the two most convenient things I think would help the game develop quickly in terms of non-gameplay issues.
5  Hero Mages Community Boards / Feature Requests / Re: Darken cards which cannot be played on: July 24, 2009, 04:26:35 PM MT
I would simply go for graying out all spells during your opponents' turns.  I agree that this would simplify and quicken play.
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