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1  Developer Diaries / Game Design / Re: Hero Mages All About the AI on: November 22, 2010, 09:48:13 AM MT
Been a while since I've looked at the forums...

I can't add too much more that hasn't already been said about the AI difficulty.  I agree mostly with Vin's points about the over-aggression and some not-so-smart other moves by the AI.  The difficulty settings should fix that for sure.

As for the lower numbers in the lobby.  I can't say there is a certain correlation between lobby population and introduction of the AI, but it does seem that since AI was introduced, less people are around.  Honestly, I think it's probably just because people used log on at different times, but would wait around a bit for other players to join and start a game.  With AI now though, people just log in, see nobody, fire up a game or 2 against the AI, get bored, and then log off.  Just an observation, and really no idea if there is a true correlation...
2  Hero Mages Community Boards / General Chat / Been afk for a bit... on: August 23, 2010, 12:04:34 PM MT
Just wanted to say I haven't fallen off the Hero Mages map completely.

We had a pipe break in the wall in my house (last week), and it flooded a couple rooms upstairs and downstairs.  We're having the ceiling replaced over a big area, and the floor will need to be redone, etc etc blah blah blah...

So basically, not living at home, and for whatever reason my work laptop cannot get past the "Connect" screen.  Thus, I haven't been able to play for a while...

P.S. - Aldypants... we can pick back up on BG2 when things get back to normal. Shocked
3  Hero Mages Community Boards / General Chat / Re: Tile coordinates on: August 19, 2010, 04:18:35 PM MT
Would it make any sense to label the grid in-game?

That might bring about a more concise way of communicating during team games.  Something like "Hey... can you move that golem off (7,2), he's blocking my fireball view!" or "Blue wizard is visible from (11,10), can you do some damage?" Tongue
4  Hero Mages Community Boards / Events / Re: Want to design your own Hero Mages character? Vote for us on indiePub! on: August 03, 2010, 12:48:48 PM MT
Voted, commented, rated... still thinking about characters...
5  Hero Mages Community Boards / General Chat / Re: Everyone's previous Tactics experience. on: July 31, 2010, 11:28:39 AM MT
Oh no!  Ald, you have gone down the path of LARP!  LOL  Grin

Ok, so here is what I can remember of the strategy games I have been into over the years...


Herzog Zwei (Sega Genesis)
Dark Wizard (Sega CD)

Heroes of Magic and Might series
Total Annhilation
Age of Empires Series
Age of Mythology Series
Command and Conquer Series

CCG:  Magic the Gathering (probably Revised (3rd Edition) through around... Ice Age or Fallen Empires.  I still bought singles of cards as the expansions carried on but never really played as much.  As the new expansions came, the game just became diluted in my opinion with ridiculous cards.

Other than these, I play all genres... FPS, (MMO)RPG, strategy, action, sports, puzzles... doesn't really matter.  Similar to Ald, I'm a gamer through and through!

My favorite games of all-time have been EverQuest 1 and Quake 1.  I spent several years on both of these games (10 years on EQ in fact).  Right now, I'm just loving Hero Mages!
6  Hero Mages Community Boards / Events / Re: Second Diesbudt Tournament Sign-ups now underway! on: July 30, 2010, 02:14:12 PM MT
Add me in  ... to the extras I reckon. Wink
7  Hero Mages Community Boards / Events / Re: 2v2 Tournament on: July 30, 2010, 02:11:37 PM MT
I tried clicking on Join Tournament on your page, space.  It gets stuck at 0%...
8  Hero Mages Community Boards / Feature Requests / Re: View other player's units in lefthand pane - while in-game on: July 23, 2010, 08:29:17 AM MT
Just thought of a problem there too.... summoned pets typically fill that void in the left-hand pane, and this could be especially problematic with the Summoner as she gets more pets.  Hmmm....
9  Hero Mages Community Boards / Feature Requests / Re: View other player's units in lefthand pane - while in-game on: July 23, 2010, 08:20:26 AM MT
I agree!  I thought of the potential confusion as well. 

What about if the view of your own units stayed in the top left permanently (as is now), and JUST below that, in the empty space, there would be a display for target player units.  That way, target player units could be seen by either clicking on a target player's unit, or by clicking on their name in the Players list?
10  Hero Mages Community Boards / Feature Requests / Re: View other player's units in lefthand pane - while in-game on: July 22, 2010, 03:34:09 PM MT
Hmm... I think we're  far apart on this one. Cheesy

I'll try to explain better!  I see in the View Profile menu what you are talking about (the ability to View Hero Stats).

I was thinking about something quicker that you could do during the match to help with your assessment of the battlefield.  

Similar to selecting individual Units(Heros), and having that Unit's information pop up in the right-hand pane; it would be a situation where you could select a Player (not Unit), and in the same place where it currently shows your own Hero information in the left-hand pane, it could swap out and show the selected player's Hero information.

That way during battle, let's say if I was teamed up with PlayerX, I could click his name from the user list, and in the left-hand pane, it would show me his Units, and their health status, etc.  And the same if I clicked on an enemy Player.

Does that help clarify a bit?

- sinneytsur
11  Hero Mages Community Boards / Feature Requests / Re: In-game toggling of dice roll animation on: July 22, 2010, 03:26:40 PM MT
Yep, I think we're on the same page there.  The intention would be for the host to be able to enable/disable it for all players in the match.
12  Hero Mages Community Boards / Feature Requests / In-game toggling of dice roll animation on: July 22, 2010, 11:20:27 AM MT
It might be beneficial to allow in-game toggling for the dice roll animation option.  I know sometimes the option is turned on by accident for a match, and later the players would prefer to disable the option (this can be especially painful in an 8-man Circle of Death FFA, to watch a Meteor Shower hit everyone on the screen  Grin).
13  Hero Mages Community Boards / Feature Requests / View other player's units in lefthand pane - while in-game on: July 22, 2010, 11:18:53 AM MT
Since the pane on the lefthand side of the screen is currently designated for your own player (unit avatars + life status), I think it would be really cool to be able to click on any player in the "Players" list and bring up the unit statistics for that player.

It would be especially helpful for seeing number and status of units for a particular player, especially in multiplayer matches, where a quick view of your teammates' (or enemy's status) could assist in planning.

- sinneytsur
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