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1  Hero Mages Community Boards / Bugs & Support / Interesting bugs and honorable players on: September 04, 2009, 02:05:20 PM MT
I just played a wonderful ranked 2v2 game with Turkish against ook and jbjennie.  Jbjennie was knocked out early due mostly to an unfortunate fireball, but ook managed to keep us on our heals, and most likely would have won were it not for a glitch (see screenshot).  Ook's had a flesh golem imprisoned in a "magical barrier".  He could not get to Turkish's mage without exposing himself to my samurai, so he moved and then cast a Water Elemental to the summoner's left.  This prompted an already known bug that creates an invisible wall on a square previously occupied by a magic barrier.  This move created a second glitch in that not only did the Water Elemental never appear, but the game stopped counting down, and ook was unable to do anything other than chat.  Other moves, End Turn, and even Surrender were not functioning for him or anyone else.

Let me reiterate that ook had the game all but won, only to have a nasty glitch cut short his hopes.  Turkish and I should have volunteered to surrender, but ook was gracious when we were (or at lease I was) selfish.  Without even asking for us to give him the win he deserved, he clicked surrender.

I know this is a flash game, but honor is honor, and ook is oOK in my book. 

Cheers, Aerotheos
2  Hero Mages Community Boards / Game Balance / Re: Summoner's 15 Valor Ability on: August 31, 2009, 09:16:49 AM MT
This ability has always bothered me a little, and while I like the idea of sacrificing for the greater good,  The fact that you can conceivably have +3 health every turn at the cost of only 2 cards is outrageous.  A solution for this could be regaining health proportional to the total health of the summoned creature (so sacrificing the skelly would only give 1 health to the summoner).  The problem with this is that it weakens the ability rather than giving it a much-needed boost in overall strength. 
  Now, at the risk of stepping on the toes of our venerable developer, I would like to propose a radical change in the summoner's 15 valor ability: Charm.

"Charm", or "Summon Steal" or something, would cost 2 cards, and would permanently take control of another player's summoned creature, which would behave as though it was just summoned (and thus, not able to move).  I believe this sticks with the underhanded theme of the summoner, though it does move away from the necromantic idea.

I think this charm idea is powerful enough, but if you wanted to have even more fun with it, you could have it work on enemy Guardians (for a single turn, of course). 

3  Hero Mages Community Boards / Game Balance / Re: A number of suggestions on: August 10, 2009, 12:45:19 PM MT
I applaud your restraint, Ross!  Divorcing physical and magical damage would not just make things too complicated, but also destroy much of the accessibility enjoyed by new players as well as much of the turmoil that veterans must endure when exposing their mage.  I think that many players would do well to remember that their two guardians are just that, GUARDIANS.  They exist principally to defend their vastly more powerful and vulnerable mage.  Defend your mage with your guardians effectively, and (for the most part) the victories will follow.

That said, Baker tops the leaderboard and has beaten me every time we have played, so he's clearly doing something right.

Cheers, Aerotheos
4  Hero Mages Community Boards / Bugs & Support / Resizing Problem on: July 30, 2009, 07:41:19 PM MT
Beginning today only, whenever I move my mouse out of the flash window, the game tries to resize itself slightly, as if i just dragged the window to make it bigger.  I run an intel macbook and firefox.  While the window is trying to do this, the game does not respond to my commands.
5  Hero Mages Community Boards / Feature Requests / Skeletons and LoS on: July 29, 2009, 12:40:51 PM MT
Two requests:

1.  It would be nice to be able to see a difference between the skeletons that are summoned from the card, and the one that comes from the Summoner's Valor ability.  This way the player knows which skeleton will be destroyed when re-summoning.  Perhaps this could be done with some sort of aura around the picture at the right(not the 3-D playing piece).

2.  Since so many things require line of sight, it would be useful to have a symbol next to the mana/card cost that tells us whether it is also required.
6  Hero Mages Community Boards / Game Balance / Re: Mage Valor Abilities on: July 29, 2009, 12:27:41 PM MT
Balancing a game with as many complex characters as hero mages is certainly difficult.  That said, I am amazed at how finished this game already is, so much so that I don’t think these (or, perhaps any) changes need to be implemented.  However, this thread exists, which means Ross wants some feedback.  Here’s mine:

Fighter Mage:
10 Valor Passive – This ability stacks too much with others and can become overpowered.  It also causes people to save their augmentation cards until they have 10 valor, which seems a little counter-productive to the idea behind valor.  Instead, I think making it the same as the Wizard’s inherent passive, (but with Augmentations spells, of course) would be nice.  Doing this seems a little scary, as a player could conceivably cast Archon’s Might, Battle Horn, and Dragon’s Fury on the same character on the same turn.  Perhaps limiting it with a “once per turn” could avert this.

15 Valor – This is just too good to have around all the time.  It either needs to cost 2 cards, or be switched to Battle Horn, or perhaps a spell unique to the Battle Mage that gives “+1, +1 until start of next turn”, or something.

This class relies most heavily on getting the right cards. 

5 Valor – I like this ability, but I think it needs to be unusable if she has already a skeleton in play that was summoned in this way.  This avoids the possibility of re-casting and attacking over and over. 

10 Valor Passive – “Each summoned creature gets +1 to attack for every health point summoner has lost.”  I would love to see someone attack their own mage in order to beef up their Iron Golem to have a better shot at a stun. 

15 Valor (1 card) – Target summon takes twice the damage in place of the summoner until start of player’s next turn. I like the theory behind giving the summoner a flesh golem, but doing so would maker her too powerful.  This gives her a way to survive even when she is low on health (which is preferable with the 10 valor spell), but also eats through her summons quickly, which will make her opponents happy. 

The Wizard and Sorceress are both fine, I think.  The wizard relies heavily on getting the right cards, but this has been offset by his ability to discard what he doesn’t want.  Sorceress’ Valor abilities work with themselves, so she’s always a pretty good bet for vets as well as a good choice for beginners.
7  Hero Mages Community Boards / Bugs & Support / Stuck as Game Host on: July 26, 2009, 04:30:52 PM MT
I was hosting a two player game, and after my opponent exited to the lobby, I decided to do the same.  I hit "Exit Game", which caused my name and hero choosing options to dissapear, but the screen never changed to the main chat lobby.  I had to refresh and log in again.
8  Hero Mages Community Boards / Bugs & Support / Re: Failed to join a private game locks interface on: July 26, 2009, 04:19:54 PM MT
Something along the same lines happened to me after trying to join a still "open" two player game that already had 2 players.  Game asked me if I wanted to be a player or a spectator, I chose player to see what would happen, and got the "Processing Request" message for ever and ever.  This sounds like the same issue as Jael's
9  Hero Mages Community Boards / Feature Requests / Re: AFK button. on: July 25, 2009, 12:13:19 PM MT
Along these same lines, It would be nice if there was a button in battle that would require all players to press an "i'm still here" button within a certain amount of time, or be kicked.  This is especially useful in a match without a time limit, as an AFK opponent basically forces you to quit eventually, and therefore post a loss.  Also, (this may already happen, i haven't investigated) if a player does nothing on two consecutive turns, can that player be kicked?  It is very time consuming to slowly hunt down stagnant heros.

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