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1  Developer Diaries / Game Design / Re: Hero Mages All About the AI on: October 14, 2010, 07:40:22 PM MT
First off, Kudos to Ross, you did a great job. I can tell it took lots of hard work.

I would like to point out a few things that may improve the A.I.

1. Their mage is too aggressive and is exposed for a counter attack - easily killed
2. The positioning is good, keeping 6 spaces away, but on several times I've seen the sorc move around behind it's own guardian to lightning my guy vs lightning where it stood to avoid zapping a friendly. Also, it needs to learn to block with it's guards and summons. The A.I. moved a summon out of the way so I had a clear run at it's mage.
3. Use of spells. It casts blind on my sorc after rushing me with it's mage, only to have  my pali bless then kill off it's exposed mage. Also, uses shield on a guard vs the mage or on the mage when it is not threatened.
4. Un-stun. I've seen the A.I. wack a freindly to un-stun it, only for the freed unit to not attack. Why take a hit to sit still?
5. Troop selcetion is random at all times. If "chosen secret" is select, I would like to see a better combonation of troops.

I've battled the A.I. in 1v1, 2v1 (2 A.I.), 3v2 (3 A.I.), and 4 man FFA (3 A.I.)

In 1v1 the A.I. will lose 95% of the time. It is much harder to win against 2 of them. In a 3v2, it is closer to 50-50. In a 4 man FFA with 3 A.I., the A.I.'s go after one another.

Again, great job and fun to play, but a human opponent is much more difficult to beat.
2  Developer Diaries / Game Design / Re: Making the Best FFA Rating System on: July 31, 2010, 07:19:36 PM MT
I'd like to add a few things I've noticed.

As Dies said, FFA is basically a 2v1, with the 2 lower ranked guys gunning for the higher ranked player. It's tough to win a 2v1, although it has been done. So as Dies said, you kill multiple foes, have seberal great card / unit combos, but lose the game, and then lose a ton of points.

In team games, I've been involed when the host choses random heros and random teams. This adds even more luck to the game, since you can't strategize with a team mate on complimentary units. Also, if there are 4 expert players and 2 rookies; teams can be grossly lop-sided. Obviously choosing team mates eliminates this as well as chosing heros, but many folks still play the random / random games. Also, I've seen players get mad and leave games, stranding their team-mates. I've seen this early in the game, when there was still a good chance to win. And what about connection losses or the game being hung?

Other observations. Some folks are just so uptight and hung up on rank. It's just a game, if you play long enough, you'll know who the top players are. I've seen a player (to remain namless) playing ranked games against a complete newb. Sure he only was rewarded 1 or 2 points per game, but the new player left mad after the loses (and taunts), and I haven't seen hin since. I checked the leader board and this new guy hasn't played since then. Not good for building the community! And for what, 5 points!

Also, some folks tend to play more conservative in ranked games. They get tense since it's ranked and "turtle up". Not all, many experienced players know when to go all out. But if folks are afraid to lose rank / rating points, they may tend not to experiment with different combos of units and spells since you're penalized heavily for loses to lower ranked guys.

I know the rating system was based off Chess. But chess is 100% skill and this game has lots of luck. I've mention this before to folks and "well Vin after you play so many games it averages out and the skill player rise to the top....". Still, LUCK IS INVOLVED. Dice don't have a memory, you can go on a long losing streak due solely to bad luck.

IMO the rating system should be eliminated.

I enjoy the game, I have several freinds in the community and will continue to play. I have and will continue to help new players and coach folks when asked or needed. I just don't like the negative effects of the rating system. The taunting, name calling, ill tempered, childish beavior just to see your avatar's name closer to the top of some list that is influenced by luck is just nuts.
3  Hero Mages Community Boards / Bugs & Support / Re: Stuck on Connect screen on: July 31, 2010, 05:51:25 AM MT
The same is happening to me, stuck on connection screen.
4  Hero Mages Community Boards / Events / Re: Second Diesbudt Tournament Sign-ups now underway! on: July 29, 2010, 06:37:10 PM MT
I'm in. Hopefully we should get eight quickly, 16 isn]t a far stretch! GL to all who join!
5  Hero Mages Community Boards / Events / Re: 2v2 Tournament on: July 29, 2010, 06:20:11 PM MT
I'm game and have a partner! Be nice to get at least 8 - 16 teams and have brackets!
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