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1  Developer Diaries / Game Design / Re: Hero Mages All About the AI on: October 15, 2010, 04:25:48 AM MT
I just started playing this game today. The AI is pretty difficult to beat, and sometimes I feel it is because of chance more than skill. Also certain heroes like the barbarian can be overwhelming. Since I am limited in what heroes i can use, Its hard to tell if all them are balanced.

I noticed a bug... once the AI attacked its own mage with a rogue and killed it, when my mage was 2 spaces above... both mages were in range and both had 2 hit points.

I am struggling to learn how to win... so far I have won 1 battle of about 6 or 7. I often make a stupid mistake but also it is hard to predict that the enemy will cast 2 fireballs and an ice shard in one turn. I can't be sure since I don't know the game that well and since I cant see the enemy crowns, but I feel like sometimes the AI casts more spells in one turn than should be possible.

I noticed that the AI attacked its own unit to wake  it up from stun, dealing 2 damage to it. I subsequently killed the unit. I think it should have attacked one of my units instead or attacking its own unit.

Anyways I like the game and the AI seems pretty well done... just make sure its not cheating or making stupid mistakes.
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