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Author Topic: First amazing battle of 1.3  (Read 2116 times)

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« on: April 09, 2010, 01:54:07 PM MT »

For all those interested, first ranked big battle done in 1.3 was me, vs Warmage (at the time #2).

Diesbudt team: Wizard, Warrior, Paladin
Warmage team: Fighter Mage, Minotaur, Psionist.
Location: Drendal Firepit

The match started off pretty slow, just testing the waters between him and me, with his psionist and Minotaur moving behindsome walls to the left and right.

Meanwhile I stayed behind my starting point and was trying to prepare an assault for a unit and combo I have not faced before.

First real move was done by me, with my wizard moving into the field of battle, summoned an Iron golem, and sent him to attack and stun the psionist. Which afterwards the wizard sprint back to safety blocking both ports off by the warrior and paladin.

Warmage sent skeletons to the iron golem to kill it (to no avail) and sent the minotaur at my paladin.

(fast forward) A few turns of a stalemate, his FM moved to the middle of the field to buff his minotaur. He hit my paladin for a few damage. My move I sent my warrior and paladin after his FM along with any spells I had, dropping his FM to 2/6 hp. Sadly his turn, he full healed the FM and than damaged my Paladin some more.

(fast forward) At one point all 6 units were in the middle of a no holds bar match, and my paladin/warrior were able to fall the minotaur and psionist with the wizard helping shooting a fireball (that hit my paladin, his psionist, minotaur and a skele... only doing 1 damage to the skele) and whatever else he had. in return he killed my paladin.

A few turns later, after knocking his FM to 4/6 and hexing him, he was able to sprint and flash to my wizard (who was in a corner) and trapped him between an iron golem and his FM, with his Iron golem stunning my wizard (now at 3/7 hp).

My warrior immediatly sprinted to the only spot open next to the wizard and protected the wizard. Warmages turn, he used everything he had, and dropped the wizard to 1/7 and the warrior to 1/7 (But the Iron golem and blizzard did not stun the wizard, however the warrior was stunned.) 

Warmage used his last card to flash near the warrior to run as far away as he could. My turn I used sleep on the iron golem to draw a new card, used shield on the warrior, attacked my own warrior to wake him up, than sent him to the Fighter mage. Knocking him down to 2/6 hp. At this point I summoned a crystal golem who went in for the final blow of warmages fighter mage.

Overall: The game seems well done on balancing, and was a very fun/intense match, and glad to see someone of warmages caliber to return to HM. (Even though he cheats with his minotaur)
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