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Author Topic: A Chapter finally Ends...  (Read 2578 times)

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« on: July 09, 2010, 10:15:27 PM MT »

So tonight after 7-8 months, Joshua and Myself finally Settled our  2-2  Tie duel record. 

The match started out with

Myself: Fighter Mage, Bard, Barbarian  (I started on bottom half)
Joshua: Fighter Mage, Psionist, Warrior  (Joshua started on top half)

I went first, and as my normal routine, Gave archon's might to my barbarian and then like a chess match I went to control the "center" line by moving my barb and bard to Positions "A" and "B".  {See map for details} Than ended my turn.

Joshua started out by summoning a flesh golem (much to my dismay), and moving his units down and right towards to where my Bard stood.

After some moving around, his psionist finally stood a little to close to everyone, forcing me to move my bard and Barbarian (both bard buffed) to strike her. The Barbarian did 7 damage to her (BOOMSHAKALAKALAKA), ending her short unfortunate life. Also I shielded my bard to protect both my guardians.

Joshua Countered with a strong force using his fighter mage, warrior, and spells to drop my barbarian down to 1/7 life, ending his turn shielding his Hero. (Why won't he just let me take a free shot at his hero Sad  )

So my only option?  go for the 11 def warrior.  I Healed my barb back to 6/7 health, and moved my barbarian around his Fighter Mage to get at his Warrior, doing 3 damage taking him to 2/6 life. Than with my last mana I sprinted My Fighter mage to the opposite side of the board and Ice Sharded his warrior...which missed.

Joshua struck hard afterwards using his warrior, Fighter Mage and Flesh golem to kill my barabrian. Than moved his warrior far from action as he wasn't doing so hot.

On my turn All I could do was attack his flesh golem (did 1 damage) with my bard and move closer to safety (closer to my fighter mage)

Joshua Used his flesh golem and Fighter mage to do 4 damage on my bard knocking her to 2 health.

On my turn, I killed his flesh golem with my bard, and moved my bard spot "1" on the map, to get healing touched by my Fighter mage.  Which ended my turn.

Joshua than summoned an iron golem and moved it to spot "2" on the map, and attacked and hit my bard for 1 stunning her in the process.  He than hid his Fighter mage behind a wall on spot "X" on the map.

My turn came and I tried a long shot of a move: I moved my Fighter mage to spot "3" on the board by my bard, and attacked her (hitting her for 1) to unstun her. I than Revived my barbarian across the map adjacent to Joshua's Full  6/6 HP  Fighter Mage.  I used the bard to buff the barbarian to his maximum potential. The barbarian struck his Fighter mage for 5 damage (so close :/ ).   I than ended my turn.

Joshua on his turn used group heal bringing his Fighter mage back to 3 hp, and his warrior to 4 hp. and attacked my bard with his iorn golem again (hitting her for 1 Again, stunning her at 1 hp).  Than ended his turn without moving his units.

Now was my time to strike.  Strike at the heart of his power and finish off this long awaited duel.

So how would I do it you ask? Starting off the SAME way he beat me in our very first duel.  Using the ability flash.  (In our first duel, my summons, as a summoner was keeping his FM from getting to me and hurting him slowly as I kept healing... realized too late that he could flash through my "wall" and get to my summoner.)

My fighter mage flashed to the other side of the iron golem, moved 5 spaces right to his Fighter mage.  Attacked and did 2 damage, knocking him down to 1/6 hp.   THen I used Seeker Missile, on him doing 1 last final point of damage killing his Fighter Mage.

I used my last 2 mana, and card to teleport away from his warrior so he couldnt have a chance to retaliate, thus clinching victory.

Overall still one of the toughest competitors I have faced on here. And I am sure we will be dueling again sometime very soon.
Ross Przybylski

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« Reply #1 on: July 10, 2010, 01:57:31 PM MT »

LOL- this is awesome!  I love the diagram with the football play style markings all over it- brilliant!

I'm also glad to see Joshua return after a such a long leave of absence.  Welcome back!

Sounds like a very intense battle here; Joshua had a good start, but the extra health of the Barbarian provided dies the advantage to recover and shuffle his units back into fightining.  That poor psionist...

I've got to say I'm really liking the Barbarian alot lately, especially when paired with the Bard (those two have definately got something goin' on).

I hope to hear more stories like this as the epic struggle between you and Joshua continues- very entertaining to read!

Manager of D20Studios, LLC
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