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Author Topic: Existing Character Upgrades  (Read 2186 times)
Ross Przybylski

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D20Studios, LLC

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« on: November 28, 2011, 12:22:36 AM MT »

Greetings all,

One of my goals for the next major release is to include new unlockable abilities for existing Hero Mages characters. I've got several ideas brewing of course, but Zelanius Forcys's recent post on the character idea thread got me thinking: perhaps the players have some great ideas, too!

Many of you have provided excellent ideas for entirely new characters, which I deeply hope to deliver when the game grows enough to get some new artwork- but, which of the newly suggested abilities could apply to existing character models? For instance, maybe the "Rogue" could also be a "Ranger" with the right abilities activated.

Let's hear your thoughts!

Manager of D20Studios, LLC

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« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2011, 02:35:23 PM MT »

Since I'm new in this game,I can't say much of the abilities or Creatures...
But I'm a big fan of Rogue Class,The Rogue We have looks more like a Ranger,His abilities are good as a Ranger,I think there should be 2 types of Rogues : Ranger and Deathwalker...
Both with different looks and abilities...Ranger : Same as the current Rogue. Deathwalker : A shady ninja type of guy Who uses stealth and poisoning....

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« Reply #2 on: November 28, 2011, 05:01:04 PM MT »

The rogue's effectiveness is reliant on a strong range game.  To give all heroes a new ability and then give the rogue a melee attack would water down his effectiveness.

These are my suggestions, according to my knowledge of how units are currently used and what abilities would best complement their character.


*Barrier strike
1 card- gets rid of imprison or barrier if a 10 or greater is rolled

*Shield from manipulation
1 card- protects a friendly unit from stun spells for one turn

*High arching arrow
Rolls 2 dice for an attack, has a range of 8, and can be shot over walls.

Passive- rolls 1 extra dice on attack, if adjacent to a friendly melee guardian (samurai, mino, warrior or paladin)

*Increased agility
Passive= Samurai can move 1 extra space compared to other units

*Axe throw
2 cards- 1 dice if hits does 2 damage, range of 2-4 can not be used on an adjacent enemy.

Soul Reaver
*Get over here
Scorpion fans know what I'm talking about  >Smiley 1 card- range of 4, pulls unit to an open space adjacent to the Soul Reaver

Passive- grants adjacent units +1 dice.

...as for the minotaur I don't have it, so I don't know what kind of additional ability would keep the unit equally or more balanced.

And as for hero mages, valor is to be taken into consideration and the smallest changes can create significant imbalances, so I'll have to consider it more.  I would suggest that summoner gets a better ability than the other 3 though.  I think all us veterans would like to see the summoner as more than just a unit to use when facing an inexperienced opponent or the amateur npc.

My initial thoughts on what kinds of abilities, although admittedly not completely thought out...

Sorc-- 20 valor
*Draw Destruction
Cost 2 cards- sorc draws a destruction spell

Summoner-- 10 valor
Passive-- when one of the two summoner's guardians die a warrior skeleton is ressurected in their place with 4hp, 3 dice and 10 armor.  (this makes a revive a great card for the summoner since despite the 1 hp, once the guardian dies again another warrior skeleton is brought alive-- which is appropriate considering a summoner's nature and tendency towards necromancy)

The other option for Summoner is to reduce summon spells by 1 mana

Wizard in the hands of a veteran is arguably the best unit, in the majority of matches-- since cards decide the game and he can do combos the easiest between the -1 cost of manipulation spells, card exchange and +2 mana.  I think he should recieve the weakest of bonuses.  And for the FM perhaps something that won't make his 1v1 skills any better, since they are already pretty dominate.  So only in the case of the FM and Wizard do I think you should consider an ability that doesn't complement the character.  If the Wizard has any more ability to manipulate the field than he already has, he will be far overpowered.  Equally, if the FM has any more of an ability to not die (he's already unstunnable, has 14 armor, can get +2 armor from augument/ageis, and +2 armor from dragon fury).. then it will take away from the variety of 1v1s since the FM will become even more of a requirement than it already is.
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Zelanius Forcys

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« Reply #3 on: December 02, 2011, 06:16:31 PM MT »

Wow, things have been active for the week I was gone.

For the Psi, I was thinking of Wall Shift, which takes one card and move a visible wall within LoS to the space adjacent to the original location of the wall permanently.

As for the mages, I think we should have an ability at 20 valor for all to make them equal, or an additional ability at 10 valor, or maybe give them a choice of 2 abilities.

For the Wiz and FM, I think we could do the following:
Valor 20, Passive, Augmented Touch - Healing Touch and Touch of Death gets +1 absolute value
Fighter Mage
Valor 20, 2 Card, Albirich's Blessing - Gain 2 Strength at the expense of 4 Defense (this complements the FM while simultaneously prevent him from being too powerful, I think)
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