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Author Topic: Maps you wish were removed from async random......  (Read 3562 times)

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« on: January 27, 2013, 06:20:30 PM MT »

Trinity Caverns:  3 player map.....horrible map for heads up.  The person who starts off in the upper left hand corner is at a serious disadvantage starting off so exposed.  You’re in even worse shape if you start off in the upper left hand corner AND your opponent gets to go first.

Perilous Waste 4 player map......the map is at least mirrored the same on both sides which means everyone has equal disadvantage.  But the problem is no one wants to move out in the open to attack anyone because there are very few spots in which you can advance and not be exposed.

Infernus:  4 player map:  This map is not mirrored and the player in the bottom right has one key exploit that can cause his army to be decimated.  The player in the top left if his turn is first can walk his mage over 5 spaces and fireball your top guardian which does damage to both the top guardian and your mage.  If your unlucky to be playing a very brilliant player like Yaemon he might even have mana surge and a second fireball and if thats the case your top guardian and your mage are going to start the game off with 2 fireballs damage through no fault of your own.  All because you had the misfortune of drawing this map, the starting position, and not going first.  After he is done completely decimating your army he’s free to sprint away behind cover because he didnt even have to sprint to hit your exposed guardian. Ive tested this map and the top left position has no weak points on LOS.  The bottom right does.  Its fine if your opponent decimates your army by taking risk such as sprinting to have you in LOS at least then you can counter attack, but no one should start off at a huge disadvantage just because of the map the rolled.  Again this is not a jab at Yaemon, he executed the move to perfection and I would have done the same with those cards.  Just think the map should be more balanced if its going to be included in async.

In my opinion the above maps should be considered for removal from the async random opponent games.  The point of async is to encourage more games and I think some of the top ranked players will be more reluctant to partake in async if their rank is at risk because of a few of the bad maps in rotation.  I’d love to hear more people’s opinions on this.

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« Reply #1 on: January 27, 2013, 06:59:51 PM MT »

Trinity Caverns: I played a game recently on this map, I went second and one of my guardians was killed before my first turn. I ended up winning that game anyway, but it was not nice to be unable to prevent that in any way. At least my opponent had to sprint and to expose himself, so maybe it can be considered a high risk/high reward maneuver, I will keep an eye on this map.

Infernus: I have to agree on this one, if you start top left and your opponent is bottom right you can unload spells on his top guardian and then sprint to safety, that is basically free damage with 0 risks that he can't avoid.

Perilous Waste: I don't love this map either, but at least it is the same situation for both teams. You really want to play the wizard here Smiley
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