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Author Topic: bug with surrender and soul reaver leading to unable to finish free for all  (Read 2165 times)

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« on: October 26, 2013, 09:15:34 PM MT »

#73197 R

okay so I am assuming the game is stuck because digitalblacksmith attacked my soul reaver with his warrior and then surrendered before the soul reaver counter attacked.  It then became my turn but when I click on any ability it says "waiting for action to complete".  It will not let me take or end my turn.  Another person is still in the free for all named DeamonLord.  I would like to have my turn and attack him as I was about to win this game.  Also assuming it is going to let DeamonLord drop me after 3 days because I cannot do my turn.  Sucks to lose a game from being dropped that you cannot do anything about.

Is there any option I have here to get my turn to work?  is there anything Ross can perhaps do?

Thanks.   The game is #73197 R
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