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Author Topic: Game won... but lost!! Weird bug  (Read 2526 times)
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« on: August 07, 2014, 02:03:30 PM MT »

Hi Ross,

Please see game #81420.
It started as an offline mage duel against Mastermind762, but we happened to meet online and finish it.
Towards the end of the game the other mage was alone and had two HP left. I then cast 2 skeletons. I moved the the first one onto the mage and dealt him 1 damage. I moved the second one, attacked, and dealt another damage, killing the opponent mage, a clear victory.
But at this instant the game froze on me. After several attempts, I managed to get back on, only to discover that the game didn't end! I found the other player waiting for me, and with only the first of my skeletons moved! I tried the same move again, but this time the opponent survived the attack, and subsequently defeated me.

I'm confused by this bug. How is it even possible when all the moves are allegedly managed from a log?
Is it that the moves are performed locally, then queued for logging on the server? I could see a rationale for this for performance, instead of having the server perform these operations. But this would be a door for this kind of bug, or even potential exploits.
Anyway, apart from my random guesses above, the conclusion is similar to the one in this earlier bug report: sometimes both players don't see the same events at each end of a live game.
Kind of annoying for a live game...

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