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Author Topic: Gateway Spell  (Read 4856 times)
Nacrom Sable

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« on: August 18, 2009, 11:39:18 AM MT »

Ok maybe i am a bit confused in regards the true nature of the gateway spell.

when it poped up in my hand during a duel that i was losing badly in.  durning one of the last 2 turns the "Gateway" card popped into my hand and i read the text (being a noob and all)

 ~~Card text~~
Open gateway anywhere on the board until the start of your next turn. Units can see and move through (not on) it.
~~End of text~~

So i started thinking.  ok i can hide behind that wall, cast Gateway, and cast my 3 otherspells into it and kill my opponent.

well saddly when i cast gateway only 1 "portal" / "spot" ended up getting the gateway in it. Where i casted it behind my opponent.  So i realized that was not the nature of the spell.

Could someone explain the spell to me, so i do not make that mistake again?

Lord Nacrom Genesari Sable
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Ross Przybylski

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D20Studios, LLC

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« Reply #1 on: August 18, 2009, 07:05:27 PM MT »

Hi Narcom Sable-

I'm moving this post to the Strategies section for you since it doesn't apply to Game Balance in this case.

Very simply- the Gateway spell is not a portal spell- rather, it creates an opening anywhere on the board.  It's primary/direct usage is to temporarily remove a wall block.  Once the wall block is removed, it is replaced by the gateway symbol and the space can be seen and moved through.  However, we do not allow units to end their move on the gateway tile for the obvious problem of "What happens to the unit when the wall returns after the spell is over?"

This rule allows for a second, less obvious use, and that is to block a passage from melee attackers.  By placing the gateway tile on an empty space within a passage way directly next to one of your units, you can prevent melee units from attacking that unit (since they are unable to end their move on the tile that would allow them to attack).  This second ability also makes the gateway spell useful on maps where there are no walls, as you can use other units to create an artificial passage and use the gateway to hinder your opponent's movement.

Finally, gateway is always useful to the Wizard once he's unlocked Arcane Insight.  Even if there is no pratical reason to cast the gateway, he can cast it anyway to get a free new card.

Manager of D20Studios, LLC

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« Reply #2 on: August 20, 2009, 12:01:53 PM MT »

I would love to see a portal spell, with a two way passageway between squares.

It would also be nice if LOS passed through the portals (ala Valve's portal), so you could effectively bend spells like lightning bolt and ranged attacks.

I think for this to work, you would need both portal spaces to have a "face", which would be the one side that you could enter/exit from.
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