Hot Keys

Below is an up-to-date list of the short-cut keys you can use to perform various actions within the game. Learning hot-keys will help improve your gameplay speed which is particularly helpful for the more faster game types such as Circle of Slaughter (15-second turn limit mode).

Standard Actions

Action Hot Key
Move / Sprint M
Attack A
Cast / Confirm C
Chat Enter
Team Chat T
Log L
Line of Sight Tool E
Select Spell 1-7
Select Unit F1-F12
Note: F10 reserved for Flash
Menu Home
End Turn End

Special Abilities

Action Hot Key
Flash F
Dragon’s Fury R
Fireball F
Lightning Bolt B
Skeleton Warrior W
Sacrifice S
Transmute N
Meditate I
Charge R
Inspire I
Song of Valor S
Combat Healing H
Bless B
Finishing Shot F
Protect P
Mind Control I
Psychic Blast P
Eviscerate V
Taunt U
Roar R