Rejoining Games

As of version 1.4 released on July 1st, 2010, games are no longer ruined if a player loses their connection. Disconnected players can rejoin any game they were previously playing!

Disconnects and Player Drops
Once the server has recognized that a player has disconnected, it will send an update to all users still in the game. This update will flag that player’s badge as “Disconnected”. A countdown will start over the disconnected player’s portrait and a disabled “Drop” button will appear. Once the countdown reaches 0, the Drop button will become enabled and players may choose to wait for the player to rejoin or drop the player by pressing the button. Once the Drop button is pressed, the disconnected player will be eliminated and their pieces will be removed from the board.

Rejoining a Game
To rejoin a game, simply select your previous game in the games list and double click it or press the “Join” button. The server will automatically recognize you as a former player in the game based on your username and put you back in control of your pieces. Once you have rejoined, the countdown timer will stop, and the Drop button will be hidden. If a player disconnects and rejoins multiple times, the drop timer will reappear and resume from where it left off before the player last rejoined.

About Disconnecting/Rejoining Games:

  • Each player gets 90 seconds of disconnect time. You may disconnect and rejoin indefinitely, but after your drop timer has expired, players have the freedom to eliminate your pieces if you disconnect.

  • All players have the ability to Drop a disconnected player once the drop timer has run out. The log will indicate which player(s) pressed the Drop button to eliminate that player. Spectators cannot drop disconnected players.

  • A player may still rejoin after they’ve been dropped, but since their pieces will have been removed from the game, they will only be able to watch the remainder of the battle.
  • Since guests are randomly assigned names when they login, there is no way to authenticate that a rejoining guest was a former player. Therefore, disconnected guests are dropped and eliminated immediately.

  • If the turn marker reaches a disconnected player, the turn timer will pause until the player rejoins or is dropped. This way, the returning player will be able to use whatever turn-time they had left when they rejoin. Rejoining players also get 10 seconds added to their remaining turn time for loading and to readjust to the game setting. Otherwise, the game will continue as normal, allowing players still in the game to take their turns while they are waiting for disconnected players to rejoin.

  • Drop Timers/Drop Buttons will not appear once a player has been eliminated or the game is over.

  • We feel the drop timer system is the fairest solution for all situations. In cases where you are playing with a group of friends and know the player is coming back, you can continue to wait even after the timer expires. Likewise, in situations where a player disconnects purposively as a means to quit the game or abuse the system by constantly disconnecting/rejoining, you can opt to use the Drop button once their timer has expired.