Fantastic Indie-Developed Strategy RPG Now Available Free!
Posted 12/23/11 By: Ross Przybylski, Manager of D20Studios, LLC

Hero Mages

If you enjoy strategy, tactics, and fantasy RPGs you are in for a treat. I am a passionate indie developer seeking to bring the best elements of games like Magic the Gathering, Warhammer, Dungeons and Dragons, and Final Fantasy Tactics together into one all-inclusive game that can be instantly enjoyed on your favorite mobile device.

Hero Mages is the culmination of a vision I began nearly six years ago as a physical board game incarnation with hand-painted miniatures, custom-made cards, and a bag full of D20's. With the support and encouragement of my friends and family, I took my passion to the digital realm to bring the characters of Papillion to life and deliver a unique combat system that can be easily learned without the need for the classic 80 page rulebooks - you gamer geeks know what I'm talking about ;)

All of the complicated mechanics typically associated with this style of game like line of sight and unit statistics can be calculated with the click of a button. You can even watch the actual dice roll for that true board game feel! Or, you can disable dice and events for faster action. The choice is yours!

The free DEMO version, now available on the Android Marketplace (and coming very soon to iOS) contains a 5 mission campaign that will teach you how to play while you pursue an enjoyable little story brought to you by the friendly and precocious characters of Papillion.

The true beauty of the game, however, lies with the multiplayer gameplay. You can play with up to 8 players in FFA, duels, or team battles. I've also written a pretty good AI so you can even team up against the bots for some cooperative action.

D20Studios is a one-man team: it's just me, Ross! If you like the DEMO, please help support me in developing new content by purchasing the full version. As a bonus, you'll get instant access to multiplayer AND an endless array of single player battles vs. challenging computer opponents.

I am serious about my commitment to evolving this game and I take all player feedback to heart. Your positive reviews and encouragement are what keeps me motivated to continue producing quality content. Let me hear what you have to say!



See the game being played on a laptop, Andriod phone, Android tablets, and an iPad!


A walkthrough of gameplay features on the Android phone including cross-platform multiplayer with a PC.


A one minute recap of the gameplay, features, and artwork.