Hero Mages Beta Test Registration
Posted 3/20/09

Anxious to play Hero Mages, a groundbreaking new turn-based strategy game for Flash enabled web browsers? Starting today, you can register to become a tester for the upcoming beta release. As a beta tester, not only will you be among the first to experience the game before the general public, but you'll also have a chance to contribute to the making of the game by communicating your thoughts and ideas directly with our development team. Sound exciting? Well, there is a catch...you didn't think it was going to be that easy, did you?

Originally designed as a board game, all of the combat mechanics of Hero Mages are calculated using twenty sided dice, or D20s. To get you get you in the board-game spirit of Hero Mages, we've put together a little mini game. It's quite simple, really. At your disposal are three D20's. All you have to do is roll a single 20, which, in Hero Mages, is enough power to damage anything! Ready to test your luck? Visit our home page and click on the Beta Sign-Up button in the Flash pane to the right of the sorceress to accept our challenge.