Indie Developer Delivers Cross-Platform Asynchronous Multiplayer for Hero Mages
Posted 08/28/12 By: Ross Przybylski, Manager of D20Studios, LLC

Hero Mages is a cross platform multiplayer turn-based tactical strategy fantasy game created by independent game developer, Ross Przybylski. In April 2012, D20Studios released Hero Mages for iOS, Amazon, and Nook (with previous availability on Google Play and web browser via Fans of the game made an overwhelming request for asynchronous multiplayer, the ability to take game turns without having to be online at the same time as your opponent. Ross Przybylski responded directly to fans via the Hero Mages website and the popular iOS game site Despite juggling a full-time job and his responsibilities as a new father, Ross was able to build a robust cross-platform asynchronous multiplayer system in just over four months!

One of the most remarkable traits of Hero Mages is how its developer responds directly to players and even actively seeks out comments and critique to move the game forward. "Hero Mages is more than just a game" says Ross. "It's a unique and ever evolving world with a diverse and interactive online community. I value feedback and have grown the scope of the game in direct response to player requests."

Creating asynchronous multiplayer was not an easy undertaking. Despite the popularity of asynchronous multiplayer games like Words with Friends, Draw Something, and Hero Academy, resources for how to actually implement the feature are virtually non-existent upon the web. Ross didn't let this discourage him. In fact, he started a new article series on his blog ( entitled "How to Create an Asynchronous Multiplayer Game" and openly shared how he created a cross-platform compatible multiplayer system that works on web, iOS, and Android devices. Ross's article series is now the top search result on Google for "how to create async game".

Hero Mages v1.8.0 launches today for web browser and Google Play, with iOS, Amazon, and Nook releases expected to follow later in the week. New features include:

  • Asynchronous Multiplayer: Players from around the world can now engage in epic multiplayer battles at their own leisurely discretion. Every multiplayer battle is saved to the server. You can take your turn while your opponent is offline and receive email notification when it's your turn again to play. Multiple async games can be played simultaneously and you can quickly take your turns for each game and move on to the next.
  • Seamless Real-Time to Async: Hero Mages ensures maximum flexibility, allowing players to engage in real time battles and play casually with async option. Need to leave and can’t finish your game? It's automatically captured on server so you and your opponent can resume playing later or take turns asynchronously. Have time to finish the fight face-to-face? The server will automatically connect you with your opponent if you're both online and access the game record.
  • Battle Replays: Relive your most glorious victories and learn from your defeats. You can now watch replays of your battles at the conclusion of every game as well as load battle replays from your previously played games list.
  • In-App Purchasing: Native In-App purchasing is now available for iOS, Android, and Amazon, allowing players to purchase Hero Mages expansion content via micro transactions directly within the app and start using the new content immediately.
  • Battle Reports: View detailed battle reports for every game you've ever played all the way back to Hero Mages v1.0 in July 2009! Starting with this version, game logs are tracked on server so you can even watch replays of your favorite battles.
  • Multiplayer Dashboard: The new multiplayer dashboard makes it easy to find your active games, check up on the leaderboard, and connect with new players.
  • Friends List: Become friends with any Hero Mages player and gain the ability to invite them to setup private game party invitations so you can play even when you can't be face to face.

A complete list of improvements and bug fixes can be found at:

Hero Mages is currently available for purchase in in the Apple App Store, Google Play, Amazon Appstore, and as a Nook app and is free-to-play at