Compelling Multiplayer Fantasy Tactical Strategy Comes to Android
Posted 11/12/11 By: Ross Przybylski, Manager of D20Studios, LLC

Hero Mages

Hero Mages is a simple to learn, compelling fantasy turn-based tactical strategy game now available for download in the Android Marketplace!

Designed and developed by a single individual driven to share his passion for gaming with the world, Hero Mages blends the best elements of tabletop miniature and collectible card games. Equipped with a set of dice and a hand of cards representing magical spells, players take turns commanding their party of heroes. With the power to unleash the wrath of the elements, summon heinous creatures, and manipulate the world itself, the player's mage is their ultimate hero as they leverage skill, politics, and luck to eliminate their enemies and emerge victorious!

Hero Mages was made for both fans of the tactical strategy genre as well as fans of collectible card games and fantasy role-playing games. What sets Hero Mages apart from other games in these genres is its simplicity. While other games bog players down with excessive details and very high learning curves, Hero Mages captures the elements that make these games fun and enjoyable with a comparably simpler play-system. Despite its simplicity, Hero Mages offers incredible depth, much like how the simple rule set of chess offers limitless opportunities to develop new strategies and play styles.

For the low price of $2.99, the Hero Mages Android app offers a 5 mission single player campaign that introduces the characters of Papillion and teaches players all the skills they need to play their first online game. Also included is the Quick Battle option that launches a random single-player match against a computer opponent as well as a Custom Battle option where players can customize various game types to their hearts' content and even track their local statistics.

Best of all, the Hero Mages Android app includes multiplayer support via the Hero Mages multiuser server. Players connect to a main lobby where they have the option to create completive ranked games, free-for-all matches, team games, and cooperative player vs. AI battles, and enjoy gaming with people from around the world! Hero Mages multiplayer is cross-platform compatible, meaning that Android players can play or spectate games being played via computer or (in the very near future) iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad and vice versa.

Players can also purchases additional game content, such as new characters and the ability to create their own custom maps, though a soon-to-be-released player-centric economy system will eventually replace the in-game marketplace, allowing players to purchase additional content with credits earned from playing multiplayer games.

The application is cleverly designed to adapt to whatever device it's installed on. Whether you prefer to game on a hand-held phone, Honeycomb tablet, or even one of the new Sony P dual screen tablets, Hero Mages will deliver a seamless user-interface that takes full advantage of your touchscreen hardware.

Fans of roleplaying games, strategy board games, and fantasy card games: don't delay! Download the Hero Mages app for Android today and experience unique and compelling gameplay that brings an all-new exciting twist to your favorite games!

Downlaod Hero Mages on the Android Marketplace

*** Game Features ***

>Cross-Platform Multiplayer: Play free for all, team, and cooperative games with up to 8 players or computer opponents on Android, iOS, PC, and Mac!

>Five campaign missions entertain your sense of fantasy RPG humor and teach you how to play this simple yet compelling game

>Play on any screen! Hero Mages will automatically adapt to fill the screen of your phone, tablet, or computer window. Optimized for the Sony S and Sony P Dual Screen tablets!

>Robust statistics, leaderboards, and custom map editor.

>Diverse characters, abilities, and game types offer limitless opportunities for creative strategies and intense, climatic struggles.

> Rejoin Live Games – Spectate live games or rejoin a game if you lose your connection

*** Share Your Thoughts ***

Creator Ross Przybylski is passionate about his game and readily responds on the Hero Mages forums to player requests and can also be found in the lobbies, willing to accept your gaming challenge!