Launch Party!
Posted 7/20/09 By: Ross Przybylski, Manager of D20Studios, LLC

The wait is finally over! On Wednesday, July 22nd, D20Studios, LLC will launch Hero Mages, allowing our public visitors their first chance to experience the game.

The official launch party begins at 7:00PM CDT. At this time, you will be able to visit the Hero Mages website and use the “Play Now!” button to launch the game client and create your account. Doing so will also register you for the forums where you’ll be able to share all your thoughts on the game with our developers and your fellow players.

D20Studios’ own, Ross Przybylski, the creator of Hero Mages and company founder, will be online 7:00PM-12:00AM to challenge you to your first matches and discuss the game with you. Attendees of the launch party will also be given access to some of our premium game content, such as exclusive heroes and the ability to save your own levels using the custom map editor. Please note that our launch event server is limited to 100 simultaneous users, so login early to beat the crowd!

We look forward to welcoming you to our community. See you on the battlefield this Wednesday!

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