Strategy Tips

Here are some suggestions to help you get the most out of your heroes:

  • Protect your mage and kill the enemy mages. By defeating a mage, you destroy a player’s ability to revive heroes, summon new creatures, and launch surprise attacks.

  • Focus on killing one enemy unit at time rather than spreading your attacks against multiple foes. This will increase your odds of eliminating an enemy unit, which means one less miniature that will be attacking you on your opponent’s turn. Exception: If you don’t have the power to eliminate an enemy unit in the early game, attack at least three different enemy units (preferably from different players) to rack up Valor which will increase your power.

  • Kill summons before attacking heroes with full Life. Unless you are sure you have enough available attacks to eliminate an enemy hero, target enemy summons first. It is more likely that you will kill a summoned creature rather than a hero with full Life, and doing so will reduce the enemies attack strength for their next turn.

  • Unlock your valor abilities as quickly as possible. A mage with all of their Valor abilities unlocked is exceptionally powerful. You can gain up to 3 Valor per round attacking for making 3 attacks. You'll gain even more Valor if you attack multiple opponents in the same round.

  • Consider your enemies' distance and visibility when planning your move. Do not send your heroes into a position where your enemy could potentially focus their attack on a single hero and eliminate them on their next turn.

  • When the strength of the enemy is overwhelming, retreat. There is no sense to fighting if your heroes are battered and the enemy outnumbers you. Fall back to a safe location and wait for new spells to help recover your strength.

  • If your enemy is weakened, seek them out and destroy them. By letting your enemies escape, you give them the opportunity to recover their strength.

  • Read and understand the special abilities of your heroes and your spells. Consider the ways in which different abilities compliment one and other to form devastating combos.

  • Be mindful of how many cards are left in your hand. If you use up all your cards up too quickly, it will be harder to adapt to your opponent’s actions. Always keep a few tricks up your sleeve.

  • Practice diplomacy. Persuade other players to attack your enemies as you devise your plans for ultimate domination.

  • Observe and respond rather than planning ahead. Unlike chess, where a player can plan strategies several moves ahead, the environment of Hero Mages changes rapidly. A player who seemed doomed might suddenly emerge as the most powerful with the right spell. The key to success in Hero Mages is to constantly adapt your strategy to whatever is thrown at you and always make the best of what you have on your turn.